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This year we are supporting 5 projects (Togo, Colombia (Visajes), Colombia (Izquierdo), Yemen and Tansania).

Project Togo

In 2022 we started our collaboration with Afi, a tailor, from Lome/Togo. Amongst her products you will find aprons and bags made from beautiful African fabrics. Afi has taken a particular care to purchase the materials used in her products from other local female enterprises. It is of high importance to us and to Afi that these women are treated and paid fairly.

Since the beginning of our partnership, Afi has had a stable income through our regular commissions for her products, and she has been able to train and employ two additional women into her business.

Project Colombia Visajes

Marcela and Tatiana manage the non-profit organization VISAJES in Bogota which focuses on the empowerment of young women in Colombia.

This organisation is composed of socially engaged women who wish to contribute to making a positive change to their society. In order to achieve their goals, they produce sustainable accessories from recycled materials.

These products are created by young women who thereby express their creativity. The proceeds are used to finance workshops on the philosophy of non-violence.

Project Colombia Izquierdo

This project supports the Izquierdo family from the Arhuaco people in northern Colombia. In particular the two women Martina and Anna who produce hand-woven ceremonial bags for FEMONDIAL. For these people, weaving has a special spiritual significance. The bags symbolise the feminine, which is considered to be the origin of the world. They also produce handmade beads-colibris in various sizes.

Project Yemen

While working in Yemen, our founder became aware of a women’s cooperative which produced meticulously embroidered shoulder bags. These women live in a highly conservative society with limited opportunities to market their goods beyond their local community.

FEMONDIAL commissioned many of these unique hand-made items to add to its shop wares in order to assist these women with an additional market for their creations.

Project Tansania

Flora, a young, committed Tanzanian woman, founded the charitable foundation “Aflii” in 2017. Women from very socially disadvantaged backgrounds are supported in becoming more independent and self-reliant. Due to a lack of education and traumatic experiences in the past, these women have few prospects for the future. The diverse product range from Tanzania includes traveling bags, hip bags, fans and slippers


Project Slovenia

Our co-founder Sabell became aware of an extraordinary business in Slovenia in 2022. Through the production and distribution of unique, handmade wooden artworks, the artist Dejan has made it his mission to support women in difficult social situations. These women are single mothers and pensioners who rely on flexible working hours. With the purchase and resale of his artworks by the association, we support Dejan in his ambition to give women in difficult life situations a job.

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